March 30th – April 1st

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AI for Healthcare

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Topics You'll Learn

Applying Artificial Intelligence Across the Enterprise

Forming and Managing Effective AI Teams

Understanding Deep Learning and Machine Learning for Business

Understanding AI Ethics, Governance, and Bias in Models

Artificial Intelligence for Good

Explainable AI and Transparency in AI Workflows and Models

Artificial Intelligence Governance, Compliance, and Regulation

Leveraging AI for Online Marketing, Sales, and Advertising

Cybersecurity and Threat Detection with AI and Machine Learning

And many more topics over 4 days. 

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ODSC Sessions to Chose from

Hear from top expert speakers and prepare your company for the next wave of innovation and growth. 

Current Ai x Speakers

New speakers will be added weekly

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Expert Executive AI Speakers

Hear from top expert speakers and prepare your company for the next wave of innovation and growth. Here is a sample of our incredibly insightful session topics for 2021:

  • Building a Smarter Artificial Intelligence Strategy for the Enterprise

  • Accelerating Business Innovation with Deep Learning

  • Leading Data Science Teams: A Framework to Help Guide Data Science Project Managers

  • From Cognitive Computing to Artificial Intelligence, the Next 10 Years

  • Democratizing Artificial Intelligence in a Business Context

  • Accelerating AI Development with Deep Learning and Transfer Learning

  • Recent Advances in Machine Learning with Applications to Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Building and Managing World Class Data Science Teams

  • Data Ethnography: Understanding Bias in Machine Learning Models

  • How to Run your Business with Data Science & Machine Learning

Day 1-3 - AI Workshops & Tutorials

AI – The One Skill You Need to Ensure Future Success

Gain proficiency in essential AI skills and accelerate your insights by attending one of our many introductory level talks and workshops. After attending these sessions, you will better understand the basics of AI and its incredible potential for accelerated growth. Co-located at ODSC East, we have some of the best and brightest speakers on the planet presenting on topics including:

  • AI for Executives Workshop

  • Introduction to Deep Learning

  • Data Science 101

  • Data Visualization Workshop

  • Introduction Machine Learning

  • Predictive Analytics Workshop

  • Voice AI and Speech Recognition

  • Image Recognition and Machine Vision

Accelerate Your Business With AI

Savvy business professionals and executives are embracing AI to accelerate growth. 

Attend Accelerate AI and better understand exactly how impactful AI solutions can reshape your business, and learn how to incorporate AI across the enterprise.

Case Studies

Discussion Panels

Solution Showcase

Executive Workshops


Networking Sessions

  • Health Care

  • Biotech

  • Pharma

  • Life Sciences

  • Financial Services

  • Quant Finance

  • Insurance

  • Banking

  • Cross Industry 

  • Auto & Manufacturing

  • Retail & Online

  • Media & Marketing

Call for Industry Participants


Learn from AI experts how to put AI to work to accelerate your career and your business


At our AI Expo, see, experience, and understand the platforms and tools that make AI work in the real world

Learn the basics of AI, from deep learning to machine learning, to help you communicate with AI experts in your business and career

Why Attend?

AI and data science is transforming business. The Ai x Summit will give you the knowledge and connections to be at the forefront.

Superior Content

  • Hear from top industry executives using data science to grow their business

  • Attend talks, panels, and group discussions to get you up to speed

  • Learn from the best and brightest AI and data science innovators

  • Non-technical talks that will help you understand AI and data science

Superior Networking

  • Meet executives from multiple industries engaging AI and data science

  • Connect with the best and brightest AI and Data Science innovators

  • Network, connect, and collaborate with those defining the future of business

Superior Expo

  • Attend one of the largest AI and data science expos on the east coast

  • See and hear first-hand innovative products and services

  • Gain insights in to how AI and data science can transform your business

  • View live on-floor presentations and product demonstrations

Who Should Attend?

Business Executives: including VPs, heads, and leads from Healthcare, Education, Finance, Insurance, Bio/Pharma, Manufacturing, Retail, Media & Marketing, Energy & Utilities, Government, Transportation, E-commerce and other key industries.

Chiefs and Heads of: Data, Data Science, Technology, Information, Analytics, Strategy, Innovation, Marketing, and others.

Innovators such as: Startup-ups, Investors, VCs, Entrepreneurs, Evangelists & Decision-makers, and Strategy Executives.


ODSC events attract some of world’s most influential and market-shaping publications across trade and industry publications and blogs.

As AI and data science transform industry and touch every aspect of our lives, more people need to be informed of its impact. Come hear and meet the thought leaders, core contributors, and innovators who are driving this new age of disruption.

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Become an AI Expert

Learning Pathways

Day 1 and 2

HEAR and LEARN from AI Experts on how to apply AI in your business and career

Day 2 and 3

At our solution showcase Expo, EXPERIENCE first-hand the platforms and tools that make AI work in the real world

Day 2 and 3

At our ODSC workshops and talks,  LEARN THE BASICS to work with AI experts and data scientists in a language they understand 

  • Learn from leading AI experts real world methods for applying AI 

  • Experience and understand first hand at our solution showcase the platforms delivering AI

  • Attend our kick-start talks and hands-on workshops to learn the basics of deep learning, machine learning and other key topics 

  • Learn the language of AI and meet and network with the  experts in person to help you advance in the field of AI

  • Return to your workplace with the knowledge and understanding to accelerate your business and career with AI

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