Virtual AI Career Expo @ ODSC East 2021

April 1, 2021

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Data Science Training

  1. Meet qualified Candidates
  2. Access to 2,500+ prospects
  3. 150+ booth/attendee ratio

Hiring Companies

  1. Access to 2,500+ Candidates
  2. Interview at the venue
  3. Hire on the spot


  1. Showcase your program
  2. Access to 2,500+ prospects
  3. Increase brand awareness

ODSC Career Fair Quick Facts

of attendees are professionals or executives
3500 qualified attendees -- our talent pool is one of the largest
of employers said they anticipate hiring candidates from ODSC
of our attendees are masters or PhD candidates

Why Choose ODSC to Help Find Candidates?

ODSC conferences attract thousands of the best and brightest in the industry. Traditional hiring methods do not work in the face of unprecedented demand for talent. ODSC offers you a superior way to find the right candidates. Accelerate your hiring by participating at our conference career fair.

Each ODSC conference has a dedicated career fair to help you accelerate your hiring process.

Get in front of top candidates and let them know directly why your company or startup is the right fit.

Meet hundreds of potential candidates ranging from recent graduates right up to accomplished senior data scientists.

Use our resume drop, on-site interview rooms, and numerous other resources to facilitate hiring.

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