ODSC 2020

ODSC 2020 Content Committees

Thank you to a fantastic group for all its hard work!

ODSC East Content Committee

A sincere thanks to all our content committee members who helped guide our program and review speaker submissions.

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Join Our Committee 

ODSC was founded to help the global data science community learn, connect, and grow. The open exchange of  knowledge and experience, coupled with open source data tools, helps democratize the field of data science and make it accessible to all.  

Joining our speaker committee helps us achieve our goals:

  • Help shape our agenda, review submissions, and suggest speakers and topics
  • Ensure we have a diverse and inclusive program open to all
  • Encourage our community members to join the committee and gain valuable experience 

ODSC strives to bring the best and brightest together to share the latest frameworks, languages, tools, and models. Each conference is a unique event, and we rely on our volunteer committee to help us shape, build, and strengthen our agenda. Some key objectives at each ODSC conference include:

  • Diversity –  We strive to ensure we have a diverse lineup of speakers that reflects our diverse community; we seek to be inclusive to all. Please refer to our code of conduct for more details 
  • Learning Outcomes –  We aim to select speakers and content based on positive learning outcomes so that attendees can continue to utilize what they learn post-conference. Speakers that provide resources, have solid experience, and provide reproducible learning outcomes are preferred
  • Open Source –  We believe that Open Source Data Science is the most important aspect of making data science accessible. We strive to have a very comprehensive agenda of in-demand open source frameworks, tools, model kits, and languages.

Please note that we generally do a call for committees members 5 months in advance of an event to give sufficient time to shape the agenda and review speaker submissions.  If we are full in one event, please take the opportunity to join our committee for our next event. 

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