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I can’t possibly explain how much I enjoyed the ODSC East Virtual conference. Many of the talks and workshops exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much and well done!

Batool A. | Research Fellow | Liverpool, UK

ODSC East 2020 is the 3rd ODSC event that I have attended. The staff and speakers did a tremendous job approaching the challenge of moving the conference online. The speakers were engaging, the staff attentive, and my team had a wonderful experience this week. Well done! I look forward to attending my next event.

Leslie Walcott | Data Scientist | Chicago

It’s just wonderful to attend this virtual event with so many people over here. Wonderful Initiative by ODSC. Brilliant Content.

Harshit P. | Software Engineering | Accenture

I just want to say a huge thanks to the organizers! I was skeptical about the remote format at first. However, it is an introvert’s dream! It is so much easier to ask questions in chat/slack than it is to raise my hand in a crowded lecture hall

Andras Z.| Lead Data Scientist | Brown University.

ODSC is the best community data science events on the planet. There are other events that cover special topics, or industries, etc., but ODSC is comprehensive and totally community-focused: it’s the conference to engage, to build, to develop, and to learn from the whole data science community.

Kirk Borne | Principal Data Scientist and Executive Advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton

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ODSC Europe will return in 2021

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As part of the global data science community we value inclusivity, diversity,  and fairness in the pursuit of knowledge and learning. We seek to deliver a conference agenda, speaker program, and attendee participation that moves the global data science community forward with these shared goals. Learn more on our code of conductspeaker submissions, or speaker committee pages.

Training Sessions
Hours of Content

Data Science Virtual Training Conference

Accelerate your data science knowledge, training, and network.  All in one event.

ODSC Europe Virtual Conference 2021 is one of the largest applied data science conferences. Our speakers include core contributors to many open source libraries and languages. Attend ODSC Europe Virtual Conference 2021 and learn the latest AI & data science topics, tools, and languages from some of the best and brightest minds in the field.

Focus Areas
  • Mini-bootcamp

  • Open Data Science

  • Deep Learning

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Science Research

  • AI Business Track

  • Data Science Kick-start

  • Hands-on Training

  • Data Visualization

  • Quant Finance

  • AI for Good

  • Recommendation Systems

  • Transfer Learning

  • Machine Vision

  • Autonomous Machines

  • Conversational AI

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Speech Recognition

  • Unsupervised Learning

  • Image Classification

  • Machine Translation

  • 200+ Speakers over 4 days

  • Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe, MXNet

  • Scikit-learn, Theano, Shogun, Pylearn2

  • Python, Jupyter Notebooks

  • R programming, Julia, Scala, Stan

  • Apache Spark, MLlib, Streaming

  • Azure ML, Amazon ML,, Cloud ML

  • Neo4J, D3.js, R-Shiny

  • Hadoop, Apache Storm, Apache Flink, Kafka, Druid

  • SAS Viya

ODSC Europe 2020 Keynotes

Dr. David Armstrong
Dr. David Armstrong

Researcher, Ernest Rutherford Fellow working on exoplanet detection,

University of Warwick

Dr. Lora Aroyo
Dr. Lora Aroyo

Research Scientist

Google Research, NY

Dr. Iain Brown
Dr. Iain Brown

Head of Data Science, Adjunct Professor, Operational Research Society Member, Author of a book on credit risk modeling

SAS UK | University of Southampton

Europe 2020 Presenters

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8 Focus Areas. 3 Days. One Data Science Conference.

The largest applied data science conference is now 3 days, including mini-bootcamp days, 3 full training days, and 2 talks/workshops days. You get even more talks, trainings, and workshops spread over 8 focus areas. Accelerate your data science knowledge, training, and network all in one event. Start learning now with our pre-bootcamp live and on-demand training and hackathon.

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Conference Focus Areas

– Taught by World-Class Data Science Instructors –

In our full day immersive training sessions and workshops, get hands-on with the latest data science platforms, tools, models, and techniques. Forge a connection with these rock stars from industry and academia who are passionate about teaching data science skills to those who will build the future of the industry.
With over 50 training sessions and workshops over 4 days, ODSC Europe offers an unprecedented breadth and depth of instruction. 

Hands-On Virtual Training & Workshops

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– A real immersive learning experience –

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3 Days of Data Science Training 

– Taught by World-Class Data Scientists –

Learn the latest data science concepts, tools, and techniques from the best.  

2 Days of Keynotes, Talks, and Workshops 

– Presented by the best in the field of data science –                             

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Quick Pass Guide

General Pass | Access to breakout sessions, keynotes, and virtual events. Pre-conference training and conference training not included. 

One Day Pass | Get Access to 1 of 3 days and get access to all sessions during the selected day and recordings of all breakout sessions, keynotes, and virtual events. 

Two Days Pass | Get Access to 2 of 3 days and get access to all sessions during the selected day and recordings of all breakout sessions, keynotes, and virtual events. 

All Access | Get Access to 3 Conference days and All-Conference recordings.

Virtual Bootcamp | Get Access to 3 Conference days and All-Conference recordings PLUS Access to ONE On-demand Pre-conference training. 

Access to the Virtual AI Expo Hall and Solution Showcase. Access to Demo talks

A Certification of Completion with any half or full day training course

Free with any training course. Choose from Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Data Science. Junior, senior, and principal levels available. 

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We offer group discounts for groups between 3 and 12 people or more, please email us at to enquire about additional discounts. Please mention the size of your group and the types of passes required.


In exchange for a free pass, ODSC is seeking volunteers to help with our program and event planning.  See more details HERE.

Donate to our Fundraise

For this year’s event, ODSC is donating to Girls Who Code and Black Girls Who Code. We invite you to join us and donate to our fundraiser.  Both these organizations are dedicated to increasing the number of women in engineering and helping them become innovators in the STEM fields. Please donate what you can via our registration. No purchase is necessary to donate and 100% of funds raised are donated. 


ODSC Virtual Conference – How It Works

  • Virtual conference experience includes networking lounge area, speaker auditorium, expo halls, and prizes

  • Access multiple livestream tracks on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday

  • Switch between sessions or tracks as your interests dictate

  • Multiple focus areas including deep learning, machine learning, NLP, research frontiers, AI X for business, and more

  • Sessions you missed can be viewed on demand at your leisure

  • Engage virtually with fellow attendees, speakers, and Expo partners

  • Participate in Q&A sessions with your speaker over live chat

  • Directly download slides and other session materials

  • (Training only) Access training and workshops prerequisites, notebooks, and other materials prior to training session starting

  • (Training only) Access hands-on training and workshops with instructor-led code labs and notebooks.

Superior Content, Training & Networking

Accelerate your data science knowledge with the latest topics, tools, and trends presented by the best practitioners in the field

  • Gain in-demand skills to enhance your data science career or simply become a better data scientist

  • Many topics and formats to choose from, including talks, workshops, and training sessions, all in one single place

  • Learn from the best and brightest in AI and data science to accelerate your learning and insights

  • Learn from the core contributors behind hugely popular tools such as scikit-learn and Caffe

  • Connect with 5,000 fellow data scientists, innovators, practitioners, and influencers

  • Get hired by innovative companies ranging from Fortune 500s to startups at our Data Science Career Fair

  • Meet executives from multiple industries using AI and data science to transform their industries

  • Attend networking events, including Meet the Experts, Demo Talks, Career Lab Talks, Women Ignite Session and more

Bringing Together the Best and Brightest

Awards | Networking Opportunities | Prizes | Virtual Career Expo & Lab | Virtual Expo Hall |

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Last year, ODSC welcomed nearly 20,000 attendees to an unparalleled range of events, from large conferences to hackathons and small community gatherings.
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