ODSC Europe Virtual Conference 2020

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Europe Talks/Workshops schedule includes Thursday September 17 through Saturday September 19. It is available to General, Virtual Bootcamp 3-Day, Virtual Bootcamp 4-Day, Training Half-Day, Training Full-Day, and All Access Passes (Thurs-Sat).

Europe Bootcamp and Trainings schedule includes Wednesday September 16th through Saturday September 19th. It is available to Virtual Bootcamp 3-Day (Wed-Fri), Virtual Bootcamp 4-Day (Wed-Sat), Training Half-Day (per 1/2 course Thurs-Sat), Training Full-Day (per full day course Thurs-Sat) and All Access Passes (Thurs-Sat).

***All times are in BST (GMT+1). Speaker and speaker schedule times are subject to change.***


Please refer the live schedule in the virtual conference platform at live.odsc.com.

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